Cyber Security Awareness:

Entertaining, Memorable & Effective!

Cyber Security Awareness:

Entertaining, Memorable & Effective!

In-Person Training

A live performance, customized for the cyber security awareness training subjects your employees…

Video Training

A non-technical, and engaging cyber security training course, even if you have no IT / Cyber Security…


Please contact me for help with Security Awareness Training for your company employees…

Udemy University

‘#1 Highest Ranked ‘ Social Engineering Training & Information Security Awareness Training course …


  • Are you worried about hackers social engineering your employees for your sensitive customer files, business emails, or access to your network?
  • Are you scared your company passwords will be stolen?
  • Are you anxious your company brand will be damaged, and you will experience financial losses in the millions?
  • Do you choose to NOT ignore all of the serious cyber threats out there?
  • Do you want your employees to learn basic cyber security & social engineering awareness, BUT in an entertaining, memorable, and effective way?
  • Do you want cyber security awareness training with a human touch?

Why Choose Us

Sample Training Videos

Cyber Threat Stats

% Of Companies Hacked via Targeted Emails
% of Malicious Emails Opened by Users
% Of Breaches Use Stolen or Weak Passwords
$ Million Average Cost of Cyber Breach
  • Incredible!

    Most security based material is very dry, too in depth, and takes too much knowledge to really understand or be useful. The 1:M video content is bite sized, entertaining, and immediately valuable for every day activity, whether at work or home. I actually reference the concepts I learned in these videos to friends an co-workers when asked about security related topics!

    Andrew Dennis
    IT Sales Engineering Manager
  • This training has protected us, and our patients!

    We recently finished Reza’s 1:M Cyber Security training, and I have to say his training methods were informative fun & interactive. My staff and I left feeling more confident and smarter, and have since been able to detect multiple email phishing attacks against us!”

    Dr. Romina Ghassemi
  • Very relevant!

    The presentations were extensive, and I liked that there were screen shots of actual scenarios, with the data highlighted as its being discussed. The training is easy to follow, and the numerous real world scenarios in the training help to drive home the important points.

    Heather Jenoure
    Retired Manager
  • It’s a real eye opener!

    This has to be one of the most comprehensive courses on cyber security out there. I have started implementing your advice both for personal online security and also in my business. Really enjoyed your style of teaching and the actionable advice.

    Dr. Parham Azarbod
  • Reza does an amazing job of communicating technical content in a non-technical way, making the information easy to understand and appreciate. A participant could be 8 or 80 and the course material would be understood with Reza’s approach.

    Richard Sidebottom
    AVP Business Reporting
  • Fantastic course!

    The information presented, is clear, concise. Well thought out. Reverent to today’s cyber security threats. The presenter is very knowledgeable and engaging in his delivery style. Explanations by the tutor are very good on each topic. Links and extra resources given in the course are up to date and current. Video and sound quality are very good. First class course.

    Shaun, Udemy Student

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