1:M Cyber Security News 4/17/21

Greetings everyone,

As I do periodically, I wanted to share some cool things happening in the cyber security world, as well as some really bad things to be worried about.

Alright, lets do this:




You guys know I keep sounding the alarm on Deepfakes, and how they could literally make our civilizations crumble. And no that is not an exaggerate. That is what I believe they have the power to do.

Well, now cyber security experts are warning that things are about to get really bad, as they have detected a major uptick in the bad guys researching and testing deep fake tools on the Dark Web. Think of their warning as the ‘Quiet before the Storm‘.




Nation state sponsored hacking is becoming so bad, that the FBI has started using court-issued warrants to hack into US corporate servers and manually remove malicious code that has been placed there by malicious nation state hackers. This could have set a precedent now as government could be responsible for stepping in to maintain the security of private companies.



This attack uses some simple scripting to remove the “this email was sent by an external contact” message that many of us see on the top of emails that have come in from external sources.

This is just another reason why we need to pay very close attention to multiple red flags in these phishing emails that come in, and not rely on just one message banner to state if the email is safe



This is MAJOR news!

Please update your iOS devices ASAP to version 14.5. Apple is giving you the option of blocking apps from tracking you on your phone, with a new ‘App Tracking Transparency’ feature, and you can click “Ask App not to Track.” If you say no, the app can no longer use Apple’s unique identifier for you to share data about your activity with data brokers. This is bombshell news and I applaud them for this new feature.

Finally you have the option of telling apps to STOP tracking you across other websites and apps 🙂



You guys know how much I absolutely LOVE 2 Factor Authentication.

And you should too! It literally stops hackers in their tracks.

Well, now Google wants to push its billions of users to enable 2FA by default. Keep in mind, Google has pushed the Internet to use many web security features in the past e.g. browser auto-updates and sandboxing, to HTTPS web traffic encryption for the entire Internet. So where Google goes in web security, the rest of the industry most likely will follow. Awesome



This is a really cool website that gives you a ton of information about how to strengthen your privacy across various technologies you use



ZDNet has a nice article listing a bunch of different free antivirus solutions for you to use. Check it out!





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