1:M Cyber Security Urgent Update 5/16/19

Hey guys,

If you have any Windows systems, please make sure to update all the patches for your operating system immediately.

Microsoft has issued a patch today for a critical vulnerability in its Remote Desktop Services (which is a service that people use to connect to and administer their system remotely).

What is so critical here is that this service can be exploited remotely by the bad guys, and not only that, but that they can do it, without authentication, and without you doing anything other than having your system turned on. And once on your system, they can pretty much do anything they want, with100%  full access

In cyber threat terms, it doesn’t get much worse than that.

And on the subject of patching, if you have any Apple devices, also make sure you update your OSX and iOS devices, because Apple has also pushed out important system updates as well.

Moreover, also update the WhatsApp app  on your phones, as there was a serious vulnerability reported this week whereby your phone could be hacked if someone simply called it and hung up, by hacking a weakness in you WhatsApp call service.

Its been an interesting week for sure. 
Please be safe out there everyone.



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