1:M Cyber Security News 6/24/20

Hey guys,

This pandemic has been tough on us all, and has certainly tested our cyber security awareness. So I hope you and your families are all doing very well, and staying safe

As always, here are a number of security news articles I think you will like:


I know a lot of us are worried about whether we should install a Contact Tracing app or not, given the privacy issues surrounding their install., These 2 articles explain really nicely how the technology works, and why you should use Apple/Google custom-built contact tracing technology, vs. your own governments (who can likely use a centralized version that can be more privacy-invasive). Check out the articles!


If any of you are joining any peaceful demonstrations, and are worried about being tracked by the authorities for whatever reason, here is a good article that tells you how to anonymize yourself, so they cannot identity you via your mobile phone.


As mentioned in the training, Google Chrome extensions can be extremely dangerous, and should ONLY be installed if absolutely necessary and after being well-vetted. This article describes a huge spying campaign that was discovered, where 106 malicious chrome extensions, that were downloaded by millions of unsuspecting users, was used to infiltrate over 100 companies and governments organizations. “The attackers used the Google Chrome browser extensions to not only steal data, but also to create persistent footholds on corporate networks.These extensions can take screenshots, read the clipboard, harvest credential tokens stored in cookies or parameters, grab user keystrokes (like passwords), etc.”

The article even goes in to say that browser extensions are the “new malware,” and that that critical business applications such as Microsoft 365, Google services, Salesforce and Zoom are all browser dependent.” Stay away from extensions unless really needed!


Facebook seems to be taking ‘some’ of the misinformation and disinformation posted on their platform seriously. Now they will start labelling Pages that are run by country nation states (Russia, Chia, Iran etc) as “State-Run Media”. They will also start forcing accounts that post a ton of ‘viral’ (meaning possibly false or misleading) content to reauthorize themselves so they are sure the accounts are run by humans, and not bots:


Zoom has finally decided to offer end-to-end encryption to ALL its customers, not only paying ones. This is certainly a win for everyone!


The new Android 11, coming out in September, will ad a bunch of new security features to make it more en par with Apples iOS. They will make app permissions and sharing location even more granular and controllable by the end user, and will also remove those permissions if that app hasn’t been used for an extended period of time. “This new feature is a permissions auto-reset—sort of a hygiene check.” Android 11 will also “push updates like critical security patches DIRECTLY to users’ devices rather than having to wait for each individual manufacturer to tailor an update for their devices.” This is big news right here!

The FBI is warning users to be extra vigilant when it comes to installing banking apps, and any app that may maliciously run as a Banking Trojan. Because the pandemic is forcing so many of us to do online banking, the bad guys are trying to jump over this, and either upload malicious apps that copy-cat real banking apps, or upload malicious apps that will work as a secret Banking Trojan in the background. Either wya, make sure to only install Banking Apps from the official App Store, and do not install any apps you don’t absolutely need, to have reviews thoroughly!



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