1:M Cyber Security News 7/06/20

Happy Monday guys,

Hope everyone is staying safe both online and offline. We will all get through these trying times together…

Most importantly, please make sure you all patch your windows systems ASAP! There are some really nasty exploits out on the Internet right now, that can take full control of your system. So please patch and update your operating systems, and all applications as a precaution.

And as always, here are some news articles for you to check out:


Brilliant, simple and effective tips by the respected Duarte on how we can all look & sound great in Zoom, and other video conferencing meetings. Check out the video at the end as well, breaks it all down very nicely…


@Wired has a nice write up on how to use some of Safaris new privacy features in your Firefox or Chrome browser. We cover a lot of these and more in the Browser Security section, but there are some good tips in this article as well:

They also mention Disconnect, which is a fantastic browser extension, similar to uBlock Origin that we discuss in the training, and that can be used on Chrome. I highly recommend it as well:


It’s official, ransomware is now the biggest threat for us online, and really the most predominate cyber security news story we are hearing about how, over and over again.


The new Big Sur iOS 14 release by Apple in a few months has a bunch of REALLY nice security/privacy features built in, such as blocking trackers more effectively, and letting yo known if your camera or microphone are turned on. Kudos to Apple for taking our privacy so seriously.


And speaking of Apple, iVerify is a very valuable app, that you can install on your iPhone which can guide you as you secure the device


Now on the Microsoft side, if you ever accidentally delete any file that you wish you could recover, here is a handy utility that may just be able to bring that file back to life:




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