1:M Cyber Security News 7/16/21

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As always, I periodically send out some interesting things happening in the cyber security world, as well as new tips ’n tricks for you guys to check out.

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Make sure you set your Chrome browsers to “Continue where you left off” anytime you close your browser, so all your open tabs reopen. This is so handy so you don’t keep postponing security updates, because you happen to have many tabs open that you haven’t finished working through yet. “On Windows or Mac, click on the three dots ⋮ and then on Settings. Scroll down to On startup and make sure that Continue where you left off is selected.”



Check it out! The same company that has brought us the Brave Browser, now has a private, independent, transparent search engine, similar to DuckDuckGo. As you can see, it is very possible to provide a search engine to us, and not monitor our every step of the way Google does with their search engine.



Microsoft is coming out with a new Windows 11 operating system soon, and a strict requirement for it to be installed is that everyone needs to have a secure hardware chip on the motherboard, commonly known as a TPM chip. Specifically your computer will only be able to run the new windows 11 if it has a TPM 2.0 chip installed. If you have bought your computer in the last five years or so, chances are you will have this chip already, but you will need to go into the BIOS settings and turn it on. This article explains how



Here’s an article that explains how to avoid scams on popular app stores such as Google Play and Apple’s App Store. It discusses how the bad guys try and game the system, and how you can spot these tactics easily



Apple’s new iOS 15 is coming out, and they have a bunch of new security and privacy features built-in, such as a built in Apple VPN which acts like Tor, anonymous Apple email addresses, and more:



How to set up your new Windows 10 computer in less than an hour, using some handy best practices:•



It is no secret that Amazon tracks us incessantly across the Internet, as well as when we are using its products. It is why it is so good at giving us what we need, but also why it is so good at spying on us and trying to sell us what it thinks we need as well. This article explains how to stop a lot of Amazon’s web tracking:



The new Android 12 mobile operating system is making it much easier to review and decline excessive permissions in the apps that we use, similar to watch Apple’s iOS does today. They have a cool new Privacy Dashboard feature, where you can see all of the app permissions granted easily, and decide which ones to turn on and off:




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