1:M Cyber Security News 9/01/20

Hey guys,

What a crazy month, so much going on in the security world, Here are some good tidbits for you…


What a mind-blowing story! The FBI arrested a Russian national trying to leave the US, after learning he attempted to bribe a Tesla employee $500,000 to manually install ransomware on the Tesla network. These guys are becoming so arrogant, they are willing to pay for access if they cannot gain it themselves!


Nice! The latest Firefox version 80 has now rolled out ‘Enhanced Tracking Protection 2.0’, including blocking redirect trackers by default. The anti-tracking technology will help battle tracking cookies and prevent sites from funneling you through a tracker’s site before landing on your intended site. Another win for the good guys:


I have talked a bit in previous announcements about how DeepFake videos are going to turn our works upside down in the coming years. Well it turns out, DeepFake AI texts are the scariest of them all! Today, you can tell if a picture is photo-shopped today, so it’s still at least rooted in realty in some fashion. But with AI text, there is no comparison text, it is literally made out of thin air, and you don’t know if it was written by a human, or a machine. I am VERY worried about AI text:


Speaking of Elon Musk, his other company Neuralink just unveiled a pig called Gertrude that has 20,000 wires inserted into its brain, a first in what we are calling Brain Computer Interface (BCI). This include “thousands of electrodes in the most complex organ to help cure neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s, dementia and spinal cord injuries and ultimately fuse humankind with artificial intelligence.” What an amazing time to be alive!


This one brings me joy as well: Apples new iOS 14, due out later this year, has such good app product controls in place, that Facebook has complained it will shut down 50% of the ad revenue due to all the tracking it will block! It will basically require application to ask users for permission in each new app they download, before collecting and sharing their data. About time I say:


The National Security Agency has shared a 3-page document on how to limit your location data exposure on your mobile phone. Some of the things they mention:

“In addition to turning off location services on your device, the NSA says, you should turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi whenever you’re not using them. For extra caution, turn on Airplane Mode whenever you’re not actively using your phone. Turn off or decline location-sharing permissions for apps whenever possible—including your browser—or at the very least limit their ability to check your location to when you have the app open. Reset your phone’s advertising ID at least weekly to confound the ad networks that track you. Don’t use iOS and Android’s FindMy or FindMyDevice features, and consider using a trusted VPN provider.”



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