Tips to Stay Safe Online During the Covid-19 Pandemic

I hope you and your families are remaining safe and sound.

It is crazy and uncertain times we are living in right now…

But we will all be OK. Just make sure you all remain be cyber paranoid. 




So what are some things we should keep in mind as we all go through this pandemic:

– Anyone selling a cure or vaccine right now = 100% scam

– Email, text or phone call asking for your personal info to RECEIVE/SPEED up your Economic Impact Payment = 100% scam

– An ‘official-looking’ relief check greater than what you were expecting = 100% scam

– Anyone selling a 100% accurate home test kit = possibly a scam

– Emails/text messages purporting to come from WHO/CDC = likely a scam

– Request to pay for anything Covid-19-related using Bitcoin, money transfers or gift cards = 100% scam

– Donations to pop-up Covid-19 charities- = maybe a scam


So what should you do to keep safe?


– ‘Independently’ verify any person, company, or charity that contacts you regarding Covid-19

– Try to get your news directly from CDC, WHO, John Hopkins etc (especially for news of a vaccine or cure!)

– Most people will receive their relief payment as a direct deposit

– If the IRS does not have your direct deposit info on file, a check will be mailed to you

– For anyone who doesn’t normally file taxes / use bank accounts – you will receive a paper check

– To update your bank direct deposit info, visit the official IRS site

Please be safe out there everyone.


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