Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

  • Cyber security threats are all too real, and the probability that your company will become a victim is very high these days.
  • Hackers and scammers are now very sophisticated, and adding most blocking or detection technology on your systems will NOT provide 100% effectiveness for these attacks.

  • It is therefore imperative that your employees receive essential cyber security awareness training ASAP.
  • And keep in mind: the cost to remediate cyber breaches, AFTER they have occurred, can be 1000x or more of the cost to train all of your employees today.
  • So if your employees have not received cyber security awareness training this year, I hope you do not want until you have become a victim of a serious breach, and the critical damage is already done. Please contact me ASAP, so that we can discuss your employees 2023 security awareness training needs.

Why We Are Different

Our clients love being trained by a subject matter expert, who’s ‘been there, done that.’ Someone who trains passionately from the heart, makes them feel secure again online, and can personally answer all of their cyber security questions IN PERSON, and face-to-face. It really is the most effective, and engaging way to train your employees on cyber security awareness!

  • Awareness training that is one-of-a-kind, well received, and highly rated!
  • It's cyber security awareness with a personal, human touch!
  • Your employees will receive very personalized, effective and memorable awareness training!
  • We deliver a live, in-person and stimulating performance using visuals & story-telling. It doesnt get more effective than this!
  • No boring Powerpoint slides!
  • All of the annoying technical jargon has been cut out, so it is simple plain English
  • Your employees will spot scammers trying to social engineer them for access to data/money/secrets
  • Your employees will notice red flags in targeted phishing emails, phone calls and text messages

By the end of the training, you will CONFIDENTLY and SECURELY manage your all emails, computers, mobile devices, and browse the Internet again!

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