LIVE In-Person Training

In all honesty, I think this is the absolute BEST way to learn cyber security awareness today.

I offer an awareness training that is one-of-a-kind, well received, and highly rated.

It is a unique, raw, engaging, intimate and emotional journey though storytelling and real world examples. Moreover, live in-person training is the most effective way to disrupt your employees online behaviors, so that they know how to remain safe, as well as protect your network, sensitive data and customers.

I come to your business, and personally teach this engaging and memorable security awareness curriculum to your employees. It is typically over the course of 2 hours, and completely customized based on your specific network, technology stack, history of incidents, as well as what specific topics you wish to have covered. It is performed live, and normally in a conference room or auditorium.

I am the only company in the industry that offers this level of customized in-person cyber security awareness training!

During the live, entertaining performance, I personally speak directly to your employees: face-to-face, showing (not telling) cyber security awareness, answering all of their questions on the spot without any annoying tech jargon, as well as advising them on easy best practices. I must say that I am elated when I finally see the transformation when they all walk away feeling much more confident and secure in their day-to-day lives.

And just like the online video training, I designed this beginners course for your employees who are looking for non-technical, fun, and engaging cyber security training! This course is designed to teach them the basics of cyber security awareness, and social engineering, even if they have no IT / Cyber Security experience or knowledge.

I truly believe it is the next frontier in cyber security awareness training, not only because it is highly customized and educational, but because the stakes are simply too high these days, for any of us to settle for BAU training on a topic as serious as cyber security.

So if this is something that interests you, please reach out to me. I’d love to talk to you more…


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